jet bougan

Unmute me! Introduction video from portfolio day 2023 :)

For the last ten years and some change, I've been doing professional art and game development. My experience in interactive narrative production has been in fast paced production pipelines on a myriad of the entertainment world’s top properties (including Batman, Star Trek, Minecraft, Forza, Borderlands, The Walking Dead, and Guardians of the Galaxy!) Currently I am open for work, hoping for full-time but accepting part-time.

Cinematics & Storyboarding

Most of my work has been in cinematics and story, a lot of work in-engine authoring cutscenes and gameplay. This involves timing, character physical acting, and cameras for both cutscenes and gameplay.

Even though a lot of my work has been done start-to-finish in-engine, I also can and have done storyboarding work!

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My original, formal training is in traditional animation, with some extra education in the 2D puppetry style used in Flash and Toonboom Harmony projects.

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Character Design

I really enjoy working on character design. I have a passion for realistically diverse casts, with highly distinguishable faces and fashion styles. A traditional animation background means I have been trained to look for easily recognizable silhouettes and shorthands.

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Environment Concepts & 2D Backgrounds

I've also done some environment work- concepts and final 2D assets for game development. The style for this project was meant to emulate backgrounds for animation, split into multiple planes for parallax.

See more environment work on my concept work page 🡒

Graphic Design

Hell, I've even done some logo work and graphic design. I'm willing to take special buyout rates for indie studios 😊

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Like the work you see? I can work fully remotely from my home office, with a desktop PC and art tools ready to work on heavy files, and a strong knowledge of source control software like Git, Perforce, and Plastic SCM. This very website is using Git for source control and syncing between work computers, is being written in VSCode with Eleventy!

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